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When it comes to BMW service in the North Texas and Dallas area, no one knows 3, 5, and 7 series BMW repair like Joe Schaab. As a practicing BMW Service / Master Mechanic for over 40 years, a few customers wanted to share their experiences.

Some of our customers have been with us over 33 years because of our HONEST work and FAIR costs. Call us today to find out the real difference in a German-born and trained BMW mechanic: 972-784-7575.

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Josh Aitken
1996 BMW 328i
June 7th, 2015
I have been going to Joe for all my BMW repair since 2000. I have owned two BMWs during this time. A friend of mine told me about him when he owned his shop in Richardson. I was very impressed with his work, and the way I was treated. So when he said he was moving to Farmersville there was no question it was worth the drive.I recommend Joe to all my friends that own BMWs. It is worth the drive.


1989 BMW 325I
February 11th, 2015
I have know Joe for over 15 years working on my 1989 BMW 325I. I currently have 228K miles on that car, and he has been the only mechanic I have taken my car to for any issues I have had. He is very honest, and best of all he takes care of your car as if it is his own. I highly recommend him and do think anyone who owns a BMW should take his/her car to him rather than wasting money at the dealership.


Sherri George
2004 BMW 335i
January 29th, 2015
Our son”s 2004 BMW had been parked in our driveway for 4 months. He told us to sell it. It had a flat so we called roadside service. The mechanic that came out asked me to move it to level ground. It was then that we found the power steering had gone out. The mechanic recommended Joe’s Auto Barn and told me all about Joe. I already had his # in my phone where someone at Auto Zone had also told me about him. I called Joe and he said he would be happy to look at it. We had the car towed and dropped off at the Auto Barn. Joe kept in touch with me at every turn, He found several other things wrong as he worked on it. We knew it had other issues beside the steering. I felt totally confident that he was going to do a great job. He got the car fixed in one day. He saved all the old parts and explained everything he fixed and why it need to be done. WOW!! The best part about the whole thing was getting to meet Joe himself. He is quite the character. My husband and I stood in his shop talking & laughing for an hour. I’m almost sorry we won’t have the BMW around so we can get to see Joe again. I would highly recommend him to anyone who has need of a BMW mechanic. He did a fantastic job on the car for us. It is definitely worth the drive. He even recommended to us the “Best Burger you will ever eat”. It was a mile down the road from him and he was right. It was great. So the next time we go through Farmersville we will stop by Charlie’s for a burger and swing by Joe’s for a chat. Thank you so much Joe!!!


2002 BMW 330ci
March 9th, 2013
Joe is a mechanic you can trust to do what’s best for you and your car. He never will do unnescessary work just to put money in his pocket…..and he charges less than a dealership! I feel fortunate to have found Joe and will never use anyone else to work on my BMW.


Mike Coleman
1988 BMW 325
December 18th, 2012
I have been using Joe’s Auto Barn for over 10 years. You won’t find a more reliable and reasonable mechanic. I refer Joe to anyone interested in finding a good BMW repair shop. Keep up the good work Joe!!


Tommy Mhire
2001 BMW 330i
December 7th, 2012
I met Joe by chance in a home depot parking lot back in 2005. I had a routine service coming up so I thought I’d give him a shot. Taking a chance and driving out to his shop in Farmersville turned out to be the smartest thing I’ve ever done in my motoring life. Joe’s is the most meticulous, honest and forth right person, let alone mechanic, I’ve ever met. He’s also very frugal with YOUR MONEY. He will get the last mile out of every part that he can because as he puts it “if it will last another 10,000 miles that’s money in your pocket”.
Recently I left my car with Joe while I was out of town to have some worn suspension parts replaced (that would require an alignment after). After doing the work, Joe even drove my car down to the alignment shop, paid for the alignment and watched to make sure they did it right while I was out of town – talk about service!
Since my first trip to Joe’s Auto Barn I haven’t let anyone else work on my car and at 162,000 miles it still runs like a top and drives like new. Without Joe I would have sold my car years ago and as long as Joe’s running his Auto Barn, every car I buy from now on out will be a BMW just so Joe will work on them.


Jim W.
2004 BMW 325i
October 19th, 2012
After having a bad experience at the local dealer we decided to take my wife’s car to Joe. Although his shop is a little farther away it’s worth it! Joe really knows his stuff, is good to deal with, and charges less than a dealer. It’s great to find a mechanic you can trust.


Michael Jenkins
2002 525i
September 25th, 2012
I highly recommend Joe’s Auto Barn for serice on your BMW. I’m a BMW owner for 17 years (1993 525I, 2002 X5) and joe is the only person I would let service my vehicles. My home is 35 miles from Joe but the drive is WORTH IT. One year my car wouldn’t start, Joe sent a flat bed tow truck out to my home to pick up the car. He repaired it at a cost much less than the dealer would have charged. He is happy to answer questions and give advice. I’ve actually compared Joe’s prices with the big dealer and he is at least 30 to 40% less. When I purchase a new BMW and the warranty expires I’m headed to Joe’s Auto Barn.


Jeff Kopang
2006 BMW X5
September 7th, 2012
If you are looking for the highest level of BMW automotive repair at prices far less than local dealerships, CALL JOE NOW! Last year we purchased a 2006 X5 as a second car and made the rookie mistake of taking the vehicle to our local Dallas area BMW dealer for basic oil change and minor repairs. Without getting into the ugly details, the experience was horrible… the vehicle came back with a door dent and incomplete repairs including disconnected wires dangling under the hood! No kidding. We immediately started a search for a better BMW service solution, and THANK GOODNESS WE FOUND JOE!
Over the past year, Joe has made multiple repairs to our X5 including thermostat, water pump, coolant leak, in addition to regular service items such as tune-ups and oil changes. I continue to be impressed with his depth of expert knowledge of BMW automobiles… I learn something new every time we visit him. His work on our car is always perfect, and I never worry (as I did with the big dealers) that the work was done completely and competently. Several times he has completed the work in the same day, and we are SAVING A TON OF MONEY over dealer prices! What’s more, Joe is a complete pleasure to work with. No nonsense, no hype, no unnecessary repairs. He’s a straight shooter that delivers unbelievable value.
I highly recommend him.


Al Gallagher
July 2nd, 2012
I bought my first BMW, a Certified Previously Owned 1998 740iL with 18,000 miles, in early 2000. Although I absolutely loved the car I considered selling it several times because the dealer service charges were so “Classicly” high. One day I met another BMW owner and he told me about a guy named Joe Schaab and Joe’s Auto Barn in Farmersville. I had trouble thinking I would drive to Farmersville to have my car serviced but I decided to drive out and meet Joe. As a BMW owner, it is the best decision I ever made. Joe impressed me as being a sincere, honest guy who really cared about his customers and their BMWs. The next service my car needed, I took it to Joe and my impressions were verified and have been reinforced over about eight years now.

With Joe maintaining the 740, I discovered I could afford to own a BMW and subsequently acquired a ’91 850i and a 2002 325Ci. Joe performs all service and maintenance on all three cars and I am always confident that all work will be done to the highest standards. Just as important, I’m confident that work not needed is not done just to increase the bill.

I can’t say how many people in the country are as knowledgeable about BMWs as Joe, but I suspect the number is not very large. If you take your car to Joe’s Auto Barn, don’t expect a waiting room with a flat screen TV and Cafe Latte, but do expect the best BMW service around at a fair price, from an honest Joe.

Joe is more than a guy who fixes BMWs, he is a friend who shares my enthusiasm for my cars and is always willing to help me save money while keeping my cars in perfect order.


Dustin & Amanda
June 24th, 2012
Joe is the very best mechanic I have ever dealt with. He is always happy to answer any questions you have and is EXTREMELY prompt with you vehicle. When we bought our 325i we took it to classic BMW for its first oil change. They told us it needed front bushings and that it would be about $2500. We passed on the service and lucky for us someone recommended we take it to Joe. After looking at the car Joe explained to us that it did need bushings on the front as well as new brakes rotors air filters and a battery. I was getting nervous when I asked him for a quote. The grand total for all the work needed came out to $1500. That’s more service for a thousand dollars cheaper! Since then we have taken our car to joe exclusively. We have 175000 miles on the car and with joe taking care of it I don’t see why we can’t put another 175000 miles on it. I love his honesty and that he shows you the old parts he has replaced. Im sure he does this so you can see that the work was in fact necessary but as far as I’m concerned his word is good enough for me. Bottom line is as long as we have a BMW Joe is the only one we will take it to. Period.
Dustin & Amanda


Mark Hillman
June 20th, 2012
We found Joe through a referral at a Car Toys shop in Mckinney. We needed work done on our son’s 1993 318i and were having problems find people that could correctly diagnose the problem. After ariving, Joe as able to fix our problems without breaking the bank.

As we have developed our relationship with him, we asked him about various BMW’s to purchase on the used market. His recommendation was spot on. We purchased a 2002 530i. It has been everything he talked about. Since we have this new car, he now takes care of it.

I find Joe to be very honest and knowledgeable. He does not recommend unncessary maintenance just to increase his bill. And for the maintenance this is performed, it is performed correctly.

If you have a BMW that needs maintenance, you need to see Joe. As other people have said, it is worth the drive.


January 18th, 2012
We have been taking my 2004 330 to Joe ever since the warranty fell off. He took a dealer “courtesy” check of the car and did the dealers $4,000 of work for less than $2000. He found something they missed too. Don’t listen to the dealers tell you your struts are broken, let Joe look at it. I’ve decided to keep my car for a few more years as a result. You need to leave it with him, but it’s worth the drive. Take the back way through the farms.


December 26th, 2011
I have a 2002 325i BMW going on 130,000 miles and have had it for 4 years. As a college student expenses are right and once I found Joe’s Auto Barn through a client at my job I will never go back to any auto shop or BMW dealer for repairs. He prices everything the best he can, is always available, and never does anything but his best! Joe has helped me more than any mechanic in the North Texas area. Joe does a fabulous job through and through. Replaced my radiator and some hoses in a matter of 1 day and had it back to me as soon as he could! Highly recommended!


Pat Putnam
December 13th, 2011
I moved to Texas 3 years ago from Michigan, where I always had my 2000 528i serviced by the dealer. After a few bad experiences with local dealerships and independent “European auto mechanics,” I was lucky enough to receive a recommendation about Joe (in the dealership waiting room!). From the first phone call the difference was apparent. I had a few significant repairs I knew were coming and Joe handled them expertly and much more affordably than the dealer. I continue to drive over an hour each way to Joe’s, even for routine oil changes, and would confidently by a pre-owned BMW knowing Joe will be there to take care of it. Joe receives my highest praise and I highly recommend him.


Gary L
October 23rd, 2011
I’ve left a prior recommendation for Joe and am adding a new one. Had issue with timing chain on current 540i. Based on recommendations, looking to have that fixed but in mean time went out and purchased a 98 740iL. Talked with Joe about needing bushing and inside cabin filters and he gave me an approximate price. Just for fun, I called a Dallas area BMW place for the same information. WOW….that’s all I could say. We are talking about $400-$500 difference in price!!

For those of you that sit there and think that Farmersville is out of your way, think about saving yourself that much money or more next time you decide to take your car to the ‘local’ places. I work literally….5 minutes walking distance from that local BMW dealership….and my cars have still yet to see the light of day in the service shop there!! That’s how much I respect Joe and the way he does things!


September 23rd, 2010
I have a 2001 325i with almost 200k miles on it. I had grown used to having it in the shop on a regular basis when I lived in Austin. When I moved to Dallas, I lucked out and found Joe’s shop on the internet. I was ready to sell my car, but I couldn’t without another round of repairs.

Joe took care of my car and got it running like new for a VERY fair price. I instantly trusted him and his shop is amazing. Joe really knows BMW’s. He did many routine repairs that previous shops had ignored and they made a HUGE difference. I kept my car knowing that Joe could take the proper care of it. I had the repairs done in April and I’m going back to Joe….for a routine oil change. That is amazing.

Thank you, Joe.


Udo Ludwig
June 9th, 2010
I have been knowing Joe for over 15 years and he took care of several of my BMW’s during the years. There was not one time that I was not satisfied how he serviced my cars. After his “treatment” on my cars, they run like a switch watch. Super quality work and honesty from his side. And half the price comparing with the other ones.

He is the best BMW mechanic there is. Period.


Holt Beach
February 6th, 2009
I live in San Antonio and I still take my car to Joe. I trust no one else with my 1992 525i. He is a good, decent, and honest man. I trust him wholeheartedly. I also bought my car through him, I gave him my criteria and he said he would keep an eye out for it. Later on he gave me a call and I bought it on the spot. I have had nothing but good experiences with Joe. 11 out of 10 for me.


Gary L
December 21st, 2008
I knew of Joe’s original shop through friends of mine. They always had good words to say about him and his knowledge of BMWs. They would tell me that the Pre-Buy Inspection was the best way to go and that he saved them from buying a car that was not what it was supposed to be.

I putchased a 1999 540I with 72k on the car. I eventually got it to Joe’s to be looked at and received nothing but praise for the car. Since then, Joe is the only person I let look at the car. I have high standards I hold myself to and in doing so, I also have high standards I set upon others. Car maintenance is no exception and I relish the fact that you are similar in nature…nothing is too good!

What makes Joe so different from anyone else I’ve met in the business he performs is his attitude. That’s the thing that separates Joe from the rest. The fact that he performs top notch service at a price that makes everyone else look like they are standing still makes him head and shoulders above everyone else!! But it’s Joe, himself, that makes the difference!

I remember a story about Joe fixing someone’s car only to find out that something else went wrong and the person was stuck in a parking lot. I remember Joe telling me that he went out and fixed the car in the parking lot where it was stuck, working into the night by flashlight. Would Classic BMW do that? No. And I believe that story fully because of what happened to my car when the radiator cracked. The parts were delivered to the wrong place and Joe offered to go to town to get all the parts if I needed the car. He said he would do that for me…and that made me feel like a special customer!!

It is for these reasons and many more that if anyone I know drives a BMW or is thinking of buying one, I make mention of Joe’s name, hand out a card if I have a spare or gladly write his address and number down for them to call. For that matter, I’ve even gone as far as mapping directions out. Sure, the first thing they mention is where he is at, but when I give them examples of his work and integrity, people listen. Hopefully I will have turned at least 3 people over to you. And with any luck, I’ll convert more!!

In the end, I consider Joe a friend as well….not just a person who works on my car!! And that’s what matters most to me!!


Abey Analil
December 8th, 2008
Joe worked on my E28 M5. His knowledge base on BMW’s is outstanding. The dealers I found around here have people that don’t know anything about older BMWS. I’m glad I was able to find Joe. Furthermore, he is a very honest person and beyond fair when it comes to the cost of having workdone. I drive over an hour to have my vehicles worked on by Joe. It is worth the drive. REVIEW

Jennifer M.
Dallas, TX
August 31, 2010
Man, I know I’m going to regret this, but I can’t keep Joachim a secret. Joe is the best BMW mechanic. Ever. He’s also a really nice person, which is a bonus. His wife is also very nice and their Longhorns are a site to see.

He is a true motor head. The guy just loves working on cars and takes tremendous pride in his work and his spectacular shop.

I have an ’01 325i with almost 200k miles on it. BMW’s are traditionally expensive to repair and are often in the shop. When I moved to Dallas my CE light was on and I scoured the internet for a new mechanic. I found Joe and I’m so lucky.

Joe took my car in and did a comprehensive evaluation right away. Previously, my power steering hoses leaked and I was continuously replacing them. My ps reservoir was factory(according to Joe) and contains a filter(also according to Joe). The filter was clogged causing undue pressure on the hoses. Joe replaced the reservoir and my CE light is now dark. Awesome. He also saved all of the parts he took off of my car and showed them to me while explaining his repairs.

He also replaced all of my filters (there are many) and replaced my rear brakes. He did some work on the suspension to replace worn parts, which took care of a menacing dash rattle. Oh, speaking of the dash, he re-attached the dash trim for me for free using a special BMW tool. It took him less than 5 minutes.

The belt pulleys were shot as well as the belts and he replaced all of that. He did a few other little things that I can’t remember right now, but that’s what he does. He makes sure to take care of everything.

Money well spent. My gas mileage has improved greatly. I feel like I have a new car. I’ve never had such honest and affordable service.

Joe, please keep it up! If Joe isn’t still doing what he is doing when it is time for me to buy another ride, I won’t buy a BMW.